The Great Falls Clinic recognizes the importance of the care we give.

The Great Falls Clinic has received the following kudos from patients, staff, family, and friends.

“I am loving my new glasses from GFC Optical Center! They are cute, spunky and had a quick turn around. I ordered them last Friday and am wearing them today! Thaddeus did an amazing job helping me find just the right style! Thanks and Kudos for a job well done!” – Tina Berard

“I love the way the inpatient hospital staff think of the whole person when delivering awesome care! The facility is perfect as well. Job well done!” – Visitor, Great Falls Clinic Hospital

Dr. Anna Earl is a top, first class professional. She knows her stuff and delivers nothing but the best patient care. Especially note worthy is her system of documenting a summary of each appointment, great for us older folks who have a bit of mind fog. I can never remember all the medications I am taking!” – Great Falls Clinic Family Medicine Patient

“Last Friday morning, Bonnie B. noted that a gentleman who walked in the front doors at the Main Clinic seemed very short of breath and in some distress–so she kept an eye on him. On her way to the lab, she noted that he didn’t look good so tried to talk to him and he didn’t respond. She called a code. The team noted that he was without a pulse and started CPR. He responded and we transported him to our Emergency Room for care. Thank goodness for Bonnie Bryant and people like her who care about our patients and watch over them. She saved this man’s life.” – Lori Henderson, Great Falls Clinic Director of Nursing

“I would like to give a KUDOS to Kelly Krebs! She has been awesome with handling all of the new patients for both Dr. Anna Earl and Dr. Richard Lai. Kelly has been a very hard worker dealing with our new patients that we get and all of the referrals for Dr. Earl and Dr. Lai. We are so lucky to have an amazing employee like Kelly Krebs. If you have needed her she has always been there to answer questions. Thank you Kelly for all you have done!” – Brittany Shepherd, Great Falls Clinic Immediate Care Center

“I have received good medical care at other facilities, but have never received the “personal touch” to the degree I received at your facility. I believe it does make a difference in the fear factor and recovery. I was impressed with the fact that every single member of the team came before surgery, introduced him/herself to me, and explained the role she would be playing. I’ve never had that happen. I’ve never had an anesthesiologist spend the time with me and this time, and she paid attention to what I said. I haven’t always seen the doctor before surgery, either. Receiving a follow-up card and phone call post surgery was also a first. I can’t remember all your names, but thank you to all of you. Keeping doing what you’re doing, because it works. Sincerely, Karen” – Inpatient at Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“I am very pleased with the care I received.  The pre-op personnel were very courteous and informative.  After surgery, I was treated to some outstanding care by the nurses and CNA’s. They always made eye contact with me when asking me questions of how I felt! I believe this helped in assuring me that they were focused in providing my care.  Everyone whom I met while I was hospitalized was courteous, concerned, and companionate about care! This included the personnel who brought my food and cleaned my room!  That you from the bottom of my heart!” – Inpatient at Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“I would like to extend a huge Kudos/Caught You at Your Best to Faith Janes for her extraordinary work on her Athena reference guide. During her training she transcribed the entire process and ended up with a 60 plus page booklet.  She then sent it to Emma Brandt who helped with formatting. It is now about 48 pages long. Honorable Mention to Emma–We see that this book has great potential to be a straightforward reference guide for all current and future employees.  On behalf of all of us here at GFC, we thank you!! We are proud to have you as part of our team.”  – Lori Henderson, Great Falls Clinic Director of Nursing

“I have received good medical care at other facilities, but have never received the “personal touch” to the degree I received at your facility.  I believe it does make a difference in the fear factor and recovery.  I was impressed with the fact that every single member of the team came before surgery, introduced him/herself to me, and explained the role she would be playing.  I’ve never had that happen.  I’ve never had an anesthesiologist spend the time with me and this time, and she paid attention to what I said.  I haven’t always seen the doctor before surgery, either.  Receiving a follow-up card and phone call post surgery was also a first.  I can’t remember all your names, but thank you to all of you.  Keep doing what you’re doing, because it works.”  – Outpatient, Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“I had a patient give glowing praise to the lab today.  She is always taken back promptly for her blood draw.  The staff are competent and caring.  She had only positive things to say.” – Libby Lake, MD Great Falls Clinic Family Medicine

“I’d like to send a huge kudos to the Radiology staff. Starting with Rachel. Her crew is kind, professional and exemplary.  They embody the spirit of healthcare professionals that the Great Falls Clinic is so well known for.” – Lori Henderson, Great Falls Clinic Director of Nursing

“Kudos to Lori Henderson, Director of Nursing at the Great Falls Clinic, for being a co-author in the case study: Nicolau Syndrome featured in the WCET Journal Vol. 35 Number 1 that came out this month! This is a very interesting wound case on a 74 year old female who received a routine pneumococcal vaccine IM and returned to the clinic eight days later with a perplexing presentation over the injection site. To read more, click here.” – Amanda Murray, Foot & Ankle Clinic of Montana Supervisor

“Just a note to say thanks to my coworker Samantha Kelly and my cohorts in Podiatry, Polly Carter and Vickie Jo Reeves for going above and beyond the call of duty. This is a very busy department but these folks really help to keep this place running smooth. I also want to add Tiffany Devereaux to this as well. She deserves credit for being an amazing help.” – Mark Barry, LPN Orthopedics

“Girls in chemo are unbelievable. I have never had as good of care except by my wife.” – Patient at Clinic Cancer Care

Dr. Warr and all of the ladies in Cancer Care / Internal Medicine have been amazing! I highly recommend him. He has been so great with me and taken the time to help me figure out my issue and he has put me at ease! Thank you, Dr. Warr for everything! You are a great asset to the Clinic!” – Patient at Clinic Cancer Care

“I would like to give a kudos to Jennifer O. Jennifer is our new housekeeper at the Surgery Center and she is doing an OUTSTANDING job!!!   She has a fantastic attitude and is always helpful.  She goes above and beyond her job duties and really shows a caring attitude towards our facility. She takes care of any suggestions we give her right away. Thanks Jennifer!” – Deb Davis, Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center

“I just wanted to give kudos to Katie King, Tammy Townsend, and Brenda Loser. Katie sent Tammy and Brenda to the Surgery Center on Thursday, March 19th to help in a staffing crisis. Both nurses came over with fantastic attitudes and were a great help to the staff.  Thank you ladies for your dedication to our organization.” – Alice Schultz, Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center Director of Nursing

“A HUGE shout out and major Kudos to Cynthia A. for her help with getting us our part at FedEx! I just got word about 10 mins. ago that her husband, who works at FedEx, was able to get our part pulled and it’s at the front counter as I type.  Our engineer is on his way to pick it up and come here immediately to get us back up and going.  Chemistry Supervisor Jenn will be back here in a little while and will work tonight to get the 300+ samples in the freezer run and resulted, so hopefully, all pending tests will be on your worklists by tomorrow morning. Thank you again for your patience and understanding during this frustrating week!” – Kim VanHoose, Laboratory Manager at Great Falls Clinic Hospital Outpatient Laboratory

“Maria goes above and beyond in her position in sterile processing to help the OR.  Maria always has our instruments ready and on time.  She never complains, even if she is far behind and overloaded with her work.  She always takes time to assist us in the OR when needed.  Maria does such a fantastic job and we would like to thank her!!” – Alice Schultz, Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center Director of Nursing

“I would like to give Kudos to Matt Murphy.  He took the initiative to ensure that the GFCSC had a laptop and DVD player for a early morning presentation.  He did all of this at 4:50 pm the evening before.  Thank you Matt for having such a positive attitude and helping us out!!” – Alice Schultz, Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center Director of Nursing

“The program and presentation that Dr. Loy Anderson and Dr. Kris Kuper gave in conjunction with the HBO presentation called “Weight of the Nation” was excellent.  A very informative program that every person and health care worker can learn from.  I would urge everyone to attend the screening next year.” – Lori Henderson, Great Falls Clinic Director of Nursing

“I would like to give kudos to Darcy, one of the financial counselors for the Hospital and Surgery Center. I had the opportunity to work with her on some billing questions. She was kind, professional, and very respectful. I appreciated her expertise and help.” – Julie Haviland, LPN Pediatrics

“I would like to give kudos to all the staff at GFCSC.  The last two days have been a challenge with a large amount of staff being out ill.  We had two extremely busy days and were extremely short staffed!  I am amazed, impressed, and so fortunate to work with all of these professionals everyday!!  Everyone came together as a team to provide amazing care to our patients.  Special thanks to Kylee Dellwo for sending staff to help, Shay Heckman for holding PACU together, Nancy Anderson and Leah Matsko for working in a million different areas, and James Reed for pushing a chair across the parking lot so that we had enough chairs for all of our patients!!  You all rock and thank you soooooooo much!!” – Alice Schultz, Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center Director of Nursing

“I would like to give Dianna Wichman kudos.  She worked extremely hard to ensure that inventory at Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center ran smoothly.  She stayed late to ensure all numbers were entered accurately.  She is a stellar employee!!  Thank you so much for all you do Dianna!”  – Alice Schultz, Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center Director of Nursing

“Laura in Pulmonary was extremely nice and very knowledgeable in everything.” – Patient Robin S.

“I am writing to praise one of your physicians for his unbelievable kindness and wonderful care provided for my father. Dr. Thomas Warr. Words can hardly express the gratitude my entire family feels towards this man. Your organization is truly lucky to have Dr. Warr, and it was also our pleasure to work with his staff at the Great Falls Clinic. It is our hope that many others will have the fortune to have Dr. Warr’s care for many years to come. Thank you.” – Scott & Jeanne

Dr. Triehy – A thank you note for your going the extra mile to help me. The medication prescribed got my system on track and I am very grateful for that. Again, thank you for the extra effort. Thanks, Charlie.”

“KUDOS to Debi Davis.  She was put into a position that she was not fully trained to perform do to unforeseen circumstances of a staff member being out.  She has shown great initiative and leadership in taking on this role.  She has a positive attitude all while helping with other job duties as well.  Way to go Debi!!! Thank you for all your help at Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center!!!  You are a super star!!” – Alice Schultz, Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center Director of Nursing

“My operation (hip) and 2-day stay went incredibly well. My speedy recovery, continued mobility and good health is due mostly to all of you at the Great Falls Clinic. Thank you so very much! You are all truly professionals! Sincerely, John N.” – In-Patient at the Great Falls Clinic Hospital

We felt the care from all your staff was excellent. We will not go anywhere else after our stay with you and your staff.” – Bob, Inpatient at Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“This is my second surgery at the GFCMC. If I have to have another surgery. I would go back to the Great Falls Clinic Hospital. The people there are a very caring med crew. Thank you.” – Irene, Inpatient at Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“The staff was relaxed, friendly, and humorous when it was clear that was OK with me. That made the waiting less stressful and quicker to pass. They made the experience as pleasant as such a time could be.” – Lynn, Outpatient at Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“Deborah Y., Nora E., and Cristina H., your customer service presentation was awesome at our early morning staff meeting!!! You guys did a great job.  I know you were all nervous to talk in front of the group.  I am so honored to have the privilege to work with all of you!!

Also kudos to Dianna W., our Employee of the month!! Congrats!! Dianna has been instrumental in organizing 3 inventories since June 1st.  She has done a fantastic job while still keeping a great attitude.  She was also able to help procure enough irrigation fluid to allow us to continue doing Arthroscopies in a National Fluid Shortage!!  You are awesome Dianna!! Thank you for everything you do!!” – Alice Schultz, Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center Director of Nursing

“On behalf of my Mother and myself, I would like to give Tim Street, PA, Gretchen Olson, LPN, and Jennifer Gonzales, LPN all of the Great Falls Clinic Northwest a very BIG kudos! My Mom presented to our Northwest Clinic on Wednesday, with clamminess and a fast and irregular heart rhythm. Tim Street, Gretchen, and Jennifer immediately brought my Mom back and started addressing her symptoms and taking care of her in a compassionate, caring, and professional manner. They calmed her fears by letting her know everything they were doing and explaining to her what was going on. She was then taken by ambulance to the ER for further evaluation of her heart. My Mom is one of my best friends, and as the tears started to well up in my eyes, Tim Street comforted me as well, along with Gretchen and Jennifer. I am so happy to work for and with such great people. My Mom was so pleased with all the care she received by the above team mentioned. She thanks you all as well! I would like to report that my Mom is doing well and was discharged from the hospital one day before their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Thanks again goes out to Tim Street, PA, Gretchen Olson, and Jennifer Gonzales! I will never forget the care, compassion, and professionalism you gave to my Mom and me.” – Kathy Mahoney, CMA (AAMA) Great Falls Clinic Northwest

“Bill, the recovery and outpatient nurse is the BEST we have seen! He was the nurse for our other son’s surgery and he is great! Knowing he is there with out kids is very comforting! THANK YOU BILL!” – Outpatient of the Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“This was the best hospital stay I have ever had. Thank you again for the time. You all did a very good job.” – Mary, Inpatient of the Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“Everyone in the Clinic is so nice and really show they truly care about you as a person. Thank you for the wonderful service.” – Outpatient, Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“Thank you Carole for going the extra mile to make our facility look beautiful for the Open House.  Thank you Carole for everything you do!!”  – Alice Schultz, Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center Director of Nursing

Dr. Kluge is awesome!!! And so is his staff!!” – Outpatient, Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“Keep up the good work . Care was great first time. Great the second time. Great. Thank you very much – We also enjoyed the chocolate. Thanks again.” – Outpatient Great Falls Clinic Hospital

“Although I didn’t know any of them [staff] before, I felt like they were all my friends when I left.” – Lucy

“Kylee D. has shown great leadership with the GFCMC PICC Program.  She openly accepted the responsibility of being the lead PICC Nurse for the PICC program which includes acting as preceptor, organizing supplies and education as well as scheduling meetings and coverage.  In addition, Kylee has been an exceptional team player and collaborator in the planning for the replacement hospital OR and PACU.   On a daily basis Kylee portrays self-motivation and dedication to the Great Falls Clinic.  She is open and prepared to listen to new ideas and is also creative in her ability to think differently, developing new ideas to better our patient’s surgical experience.” – Rachel Pahut, Great Falls Clinic Hospital Director of Nursing

“Julie P. portrays exceptional leadership at the GFCMC.   She has organized Quality Performance Improvement Projects related to the Medication Reconciliation process as well as Fall Prevention.  Julie has taken a lead role in arranging specific in-services or education for inpatient staff.  Over the last 6 months, Julie has shown self-motivation and dedication, she has stepped up to cover areas of need at the GFCMC including areas such as case management and NextGen computer training and troubleshooting.  She is optimistic and has a sense of calmness.”  – Rachel Pahut, Great Falls Clinic Hospital Director of Nursing

“Julie J. has shown leadership and self-motivation with the implementation of the GFCMC Mobile Healthcare Program.  She has proceeded with confidence and continues to address challenges as they surface.  She has great communication skills and has a positive attitude when she interacts with patients, providers, and staff.   Julie portrays a sense of openness and integrity.”  – Rachel Pahut, Great Falls Clinic Hospital Director of Nursing

“Kudos to Samantha K. for always being willing to help even when she is really busy.  She spreads her positive attitude to everyone and everything around her.  She is always willing to learn and help others.” – Patti Jo Lane, PT, Clinical Manager

“Kudos to Maura K. for helping in many different areas while we have been short staffed.  She is always thinking about the customer and their experience and is always looking for opportunities to improve.  Thanks for all that you do!” – Patti Jo Lane, PT, Clinical Manager

“Kudos to DeeAnn C. for giving up her vacation because of how short staffed we are.  I so much appreciate keeping the PT department moving forward and assisting in all of the training of our new staff.  Thanks for all that you do!” – Patti Jo Lane, PT, Clinical Manager

“Sending out a big kudos to Jodell W. at the NWC Radiology who jumped in today and helped out when we really needed it. Jody, thank you so much for helping out today!!! We really appreciate it !!” – Lisa Atkinson RN, MSN Clinical Nurse Manager

“Kudos to Judy R! We have had one of our regular ICC staff out on vacation and Judy has come in extra on her days off to help out with referrals. What a great help she has been!! We couldn’t have completed them all without her help. Thank you so much Judy!!!” – Lisa Atkinson RN, MSN Clinical Nurse Manager

“Kudos to James Reed! James always seem to be right there when you need him!!! James helped me with getting the Dermatology microscope set up when plans got changed for setup time, and I was across town at NWC. He jumped right in for me, grabbed the scope and was able to get the scope set up without any delay!! James also jumped in and helped move my office in what seemed like seconds when we found out we could move. The move went so fast with his help, it was great!! Thanks for always helping when I need an extra set of hands James!!!” – Lisa Atkinson RN, MSN Clinical Nurse Manager

“Kudos to Kristen (Michelle) K. She always jumps in and helps us out in a staffing crunch. Staying late or whatever it may be, Michelle is always there!! Thanks Michelle for all your hard work!!” – Lisa Atkinson RN, MSN Clinical Nurse Manager

“Kudos to Lyn S., as an employee, Lyn is the best. She is always willing to help out with anything that I need and always goes above and beyond to help our patients and their families. Thank you Lyn for everything you do for me and the clinic!!” – Lisa Atkinson RN, MSN Clinical Nurse Manager

“Becki K. went above an beyond for her fellow co-workers who were having financial trouble out side of work. She is so thoughtful in this way.  She is always thinking about the big picture and understanding that what we see here is only a fraction of co-workers lives and takes this into account.” – Kylee Dellwo, Clinical Nurse Manager Perioperative Services

Dr. Mitch Mckamey took time out of his busy scheduled to give a great in-service on arterial lines. His demeanor has completely changed the entire dynamic in the anesthesia department.” – Kylee Dellwo, Clinical Nurse Manager Perioperative Services

“Thank you Gina S. for filling in for months in after Pat C. retired. She went above and beyond coming in at 6AM to make sure the autoclaves got their morning checks, she still filled in for surgical techs when needed and constantly adjusted her personal schedule to meet the demands of the department. All while keeping a smile on her beautiful face.” – Kylee Dellwo, Clinical Nurse Manager Perioperative Services

“The nursing staff had such upbeat and likeable personalities. They had a way of making me feel comfortable. The whole place was homey and I didn’t feel like I was just a number. The Great Falls Clinic appears to really care about their patients. I had an awesome experience.”

“I would like to recognize Nancy A., Cathy O., and Janae R. They floated to different departments within the Clinic to help cover shortages.  I know it can be stressful to enter a work environment you have never been in.  Thank you all for your dedication to this organization!!” – Alice Schultz, RN, DON Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center

“Would love to be able to do everything with your Clinic. Everything was great – Dr. Fisher is AWESOME and so were the nurses and anesthesia personnel.”

“Donna W. takes special pride in picking weeds and pruning flowers when she is out on a brief walk around the campus. It is clear that she values the appearance of this organization and takes pride in ensuring the grounds look good. Thanks for “Hitting the Target” Donna- you’re great!!!!!” – Vicki Newmiller, CEO

“Continue with the staff being very caring and professional. Also, continue with the disc showing the procedure. Also, the candy is a good touch! Thank you Dr. Bonfilio and ‘Dr. Mitch’ and your support staff – Great nurses!!”

“John pitches in and helps with any task assigned to him.  He has helped count inventory twice in the last month all while keeping a fantastic attitude.  He floats to the Hospital with a great attitude for the good of the team!! He is a a great example of a team player.  He has had multiple kudos from patients regarding his excellent care! Thank you John.” – Alice Schultz, RN, DON Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center

“Adele R. received the “You hit the Target” card for going above and beyond for scheduling shifts with her job share partner. Adele revamped both July and August schedules (including weekends) to enable her new coworker to fulfill a couple of commitments. Adele made the schedule and swapped shifts/weekends to make it work, knowing that this individual did not have benefit time to use. Unfortunately, the new coworker has since given notice, and Adele again revamped and worked with the schedule to make minimal coverage needed until we can fill the open position. Adele—You hit the Target! Thanks a ton!” – Rachel Johnson, Radiology Manager

“Terry M. received the “Thanks a Latte” card for going above and beyond for her self motivation in attending the training to learn the new C-arm at the Hospital so she could be available to “help” out with call when needed/available. Terry is always looking for ways to help her coworkers in any area or location…Terry Thanks A Latte for all you do.” – Rachel Johnson, Radiology Manager

“Sara G. received the “Thank you for going the Extra mile”—Sara works in both CT and DEXA. Between coworker benefit time and sick time, she was the only tech for these two areas. When I asked if we should reschedule the DEXA scans her comment was “No I can bounce back and forth and do both”. This happened 3 days in a row, with minimal rescheduling of patients!!!! Thank you Sara for Going the EXTRA mile and making our patients #1 priority!” – Rachel Johnson, Radiology Manager

“Thank you, Debie Y., for going the extra mile.  A patient came to the wrong facility, our Surgery Center, and she was confused about where to go.  Debie went the extra mile, walking outside with the patient and directing her to the correct facility.  Debie went the extra mile to help a patient providing exceptional customer service.  The patient was very thankful for Debie’s kindness.  This kind of compassionate care is what makes the GFC Organization stand out in the Great Falls community.”  – Alice Schultz, RN, DON Great Falls Clinic Surgery Center

“On July 1st, Geri started her 40th year with the Clinic.  I wanted to give her a very BIG thank you for all of her support and dedication to the organization for the last 39 years!!” – Candy M., Medical Records Supervisor

“Very impressed with all the staff for my surgery. They genuinely care for their patients and it shows. Rebecca and Bill are awesome!”

“I am getting prepared for surgery and so far the experience has been very professional, pleasant, and efficient. Dr. Bonfilio and his staff are the best. The lab and radiology are also great. Everything was timed for my convenience. I found all of the staff to be very caring and concerned. Joan and Tammy in radiology, Samantha and Melissa in orthopedics were awesome and Wanda P. is to be commended for being wonderful! Dr. Bonfilio explained in detail what I could expect and was very reassuring. I am very fortunate to be an employee of the clinic and to know that we have these excellent employees and providers. Thanks to all!”

“Keep up the good work. I can’t express how nice and wonderful everyone was, thank you, thank you, I appreciate it so much. The card you sent made me so happy. It sure brightened my day. Also the op went very well. Thanks so very much again!”

“Rachelle D., Dr. Asthalter, Terri M., did a great job when I had a visit for a fracture. I had surgery with Dr. Cameron yesterday and a ceramic radial head was placed. I am now at home recovering and wanted to thank you for the great care.”

“I received excellent care from Dr. Miller, Dr. Horst, nursing staff and administration. Keep it up!”

“My nurses were amazing! My last nurse, Bill, went above and beyond to make sure my pain was under control.”

“First I want to give my highest praise to 3 of your staff. #1 honor to nurse Keely, nurse Linda & C.N.A. Carmela – these 3 were fantastic. The others were GREAT. Any question, feel free to call me.”

“Everyone was great! Great IV from Bill – It didn’t even bruise – great job! Usually I am black and blue!”

“I had a very positive experience during my time at the medical center. Everyone was friendly and helpful. You have a great staff who appear to enjoy working not only with each other but at their jobs.. Thank you for making this easier for me.”

“Not only was I supposed to rest while in the hospital, but I COULD rest. It was quiet, nurses were very kind, knowledgeable, responsible and caring. Given a choice, I would choose Great Falls Clinic Hospital every time and I will definitely recommend it to friends.”

“I will spread the word in Bozeman about the great team here in Great Falls! I was treated with kindness and warmth by Dr. Kluge, Dr. Roten and nurse Char, Rebecca, and Lacy, anesthesia, and Jackie in Radiology. Amber even came from the business office during her lunch hour to sit with me as she had had the same procedure (wow!). Every single person I met spoke very highly of Dr. Roten. I feel very blessed and fortunate that his team had my back! You guys Rock!”

“My daughter’s stay at the Great Falls Clinic Hospital was as good a hospital stay can ever be. It is, without question, so much higher level of care then we’ve ever received at any other hospital facility. I have nothing but the highest regard for the entire nursing staff (RN & CNA), doctors, and x-ray department staff; we didn’t have anything less than the highest quality of care. The Murphy bed in the room was very appreciated by this Mom! A special kudos goes to Lisa K., RN. She went way above and beyond the typical level of care provided by nursing staff. She understood my daughter’s special needs and took the extra time needed for her to understand procedures; this significantly decreased her anxiety levels and provided better opportunity for her body to heal.”

“Of all the hospitals I’ve been in this has been the best and also joyful. Staff is awesome.”

“Hard to improve on excellence – however, I may have been an exception – staff was absolutely wonderful. Thanks to all – Candy and card nicely added touch!”

“The staff made my stay very comfortable and enjoyable. You should be very proud of the professional staff you have.”

“My nurse, Jesse, was outstanding. She was thoughtful and considerate, checking on me while I waited for my surgery, then afterwards, to see my pain level response. She answered my questions quickly and checked for correct answer to queries she did not have ready answers for. My nurse in recovery, Janea, was also outstanding. Her quick responses to my pain showed that she is someone who exudes compassion. She answered my (only-half joking) request that my arm be cut off with humor, which was exactly what I needed. The gentleman who was there Bill, echoed her humor, which was perfect. I ask that my gratitude to both these nurses, for their care and attentiveness be noted in their personnel files. Their standards of care are what stands as examples for others.”

“I don’t have any improvements you can make – my hat is off to you and your medical staff. Thank you! Merry Christmas!”

“The person at the front desk was very helpful and most pleasant. That was the start of my experience at your facility. Debbie and Char in pre-op became another important entity. Both warmed my heart with their efficiency and their good sense of humor which was most welcomed. These two characteristics enabled me to feel relaxed. I actually felt pampered. They made a great team. Dr. Howell. WOW! Now Dr. Howell, what a valuable asset to the team. I haven’t had very many surgeries, but I have never had an anesthetist treat me with such a warm, friendly attitude. I told her of my concerns including the upset stomach I might have. She explained exactly what she was going to be doing, even the type of anesthetic she would be using, etc. She ensured me she would be right there with me. I was very relaxed and I knew I was in good hands. Of course, I felt very secure to be in hands of Dr. Fisher. He had explained in detail exactly what he would be doing. I knew all along that he had my best interest in mind. What a wonderful team you have. P.S. Post-op is going very well. Thank you again for being there for me.”

“…Great Falls Clinic personnel accomplished all further treatment of my broken heel. Dr. Pike performed my surgery with an overnight stay at your hospital. Everyone was highly competent, caring and friendly. My stay at your hospital facility was highly unusual. The room, in no way resembled a hospital room; it more closely resembled a fine hotel room, very clean with a comfortable bed! A tough to the “nurse call” button brought someone into my room inside a minute! All the personnel were very friendly and made my hospital stay comfortable and enjoyable!

I whole-heartedly endorse your facility and personnel. Thank you for a quality medical experience.”

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