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Every person is unique. So is every person’s journey through cancer. That is why it is so important to ask questions about your condition, the options presented to you and the treatments you may receive. Even if you feel you have already been given an answer. If you don’t understand, ask again. Your active involvement empowers you as the most important soldier in your personal, mental, and physical battle with cancer.

Our Medical and Radiation Oncology physicians have a longstanding history of high quality patient care. Each has achieved Board Certification and years of experience in their cancer treatment specialty.

Our patient care professionals do more than deliver radiation or chemotherapy; schedule your appointments, draw blood samples, and so on. Their compassionate, caring interaction with patients and family members is based on an understanding and appreciation of each individual’s struggle with the implications of their experience with cancer. These highly skilled individuals have come to know and treasure the uniquely close relationships that develop between themselves and those they serve.

Our nursing staff members hold professional certifications in oncology nursing, which makes them competent in administering chemotherapy and other biologics in both adults and pediatric populations. These credentials are maintained through attendance at numerous continuing education courses and ongoing practice in oncology.

Our specialized nurses closely monitor patients’ response to chemotherapy and other disease specific infusion therapies. These include autoimmune, hematologic and metabolic disorders. They provide education to patients and families about what to expect during treatment. They also serve as a resource to oncologists on a daily basis. 

Our infusion center is equipped with an on-site state-of-the-art pharmacy, staffed with registered doctor’s of pharmacy and a certified pharmacy technician. This allows for continuous collaboration of patient care, patient education and medication management.

Our physicians, pharmacists, and nurse work collaboratively to provide patient-centered care. Additional resources available include: on-site social worker, pastoral care, patient support volunteers, nutritional consultation, lodging assistance, massage therapy and a patient portal that allows patients to stay up to date on their healthcare management.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy is the most ancient of all the healing practices. The benefits of massage therapy include pain reduction, increased relaxation and reduced muscle tension. Medical research shows that massage therapy is beneficial to cancer patients by easing pain, nausea and fatigue. Massage promotes better sleep, improves concentration, reduces anxiety and creates an overall sense of well being.

Licensed massage therapist Naoko Otani, LMT is available to provide comfort and to improve quality of life for our cancer patients and their families. She is available most weekdays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. For more information about massage therapy at Clinic Cancer Care, please call (301) 936-0284.

When patients complete their cancer treatment and resume their previous activities of life, it is not unusual for them to experience residual emotional and physical effects. Clinic Cancer Care sees the need to support patients after their active treatment is completed and to provide this help it has developed a Survivorship Program. Patients are invited to participate in this program at the time of their one-year follow up with their oncologist. Prior to this visit they are contacted by a registered nurse, the Survivorship Program coordinator, who individually discusses with them their physical and emotional concerns. Based on each patient’s individual needs, support services such as social worker, dietitian, physical therapist, or business office representative will be available at the time of their oncologist visit to assist the patient with any special needs or questions.

Radiation oncology services are provided at Clinic Cancer Care by a team of professionals who focus on using radiation in the medical environment to treat cancers.

The medical physicist works directly with the radiation oncologist in developing a plan of care using external radiation or internally implanted radioactive sources. Using the principles of physics, the most precise treatment plan is developed that will specifically target the cancer tissue and spare healthy tissue in the surrounding areas.

The medical dosimetrist works under the supervision of the medical physicist to determine the most effective angle the radiation beam should be applied, along with the strength and dosage of the radiation along its pathway. Technologies today allow the dosage to be adjusted as it travels through the body, allowing for healthy tissue to be spared as the cancer tissue is targeted.

The radiation therapist team applies the treatment plan and works directly with the patient in positioning them for treatment and carrying out the application of the radiation to the diseased tissue through the use of the various technologies available. The radiation therapist is the expert in treatment delivery, along with fabrication of molds and immobilization devices used in the delivery of radiation therapy.

For questions about radiation oncology treatment at Clinic Cancer Care, please click here or call 406-268-3962.

The Clinic Cancer Care department holds cancer support groups twice a month. For more information please visit


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