You may not have heard of us in Canada…

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But right across the border in Montana is Great Falls Clinic Hospital – where you can receive expert, comprehensive care. We’re experts with decades of experience, anchored by an unwavering sense of compassion. Here to improve the quality of life of all who walk through our doors, we offer the complete range of care, including Total Joint Replacement. Many offer healthcare, but few actually show that they care – and that’s what sets us apart.

Consider Great Falls Clinic Hospital

Do you have chronic pain, discomfort, or arthritis in your knee, hip, or shoulder? Have you been told by your physician that you require a surgical procedure? Are you frustrated with the length of time it will take to get into your healthcare provider? If so, consider the Great Falls Clinic Hospital as an option for your healthcare.

Why Wait – High Quality Healthcare at Great Falls Clinic Hospital – Fast & Affordable

Great Falls Clinic Hospital has partnered with the Great Falls Clinic, LLP and Great Falls Inn to develop all inclusive packages for cash-pay patients. Great Falls Clinic Hospital offers exceptional, timely, and affordable care.

Why choose the Great Falls Clinic Hospital?

The Great Falls Clinic Hospital is a contemporary, well-maintained facility. The Hospital has 19 private, state-of-the-art one-bedroom suites with a private bath, tranquil spaces, and modern healing patient environments. We are proud of the smart floor plan and ease of access, which ensures help is never more than ten feet away. Patients and families feel welcome in the open living spaces within each patient room. The Hospital maintains a low nurse-to-patient ratio and focuses on the overarching patient care experience, encompassing clinical duties as well as assuring that the patient and family is comfortable and at ease during their stay. There is also an emergency department at Great Falls Clinic Hospital and the hospital’s clinical staff provide personal, patient-centered care to the surgical and general admission patients who seek care with the hospital. This personalized, high quality care and spirit of hospitality are what contribute most significantly to the Hospital’s exceptional reputation in Great Falls.

Quality care and patient safety come first at Great Falls Clinic Hospital. Great Falls Clinic Hospital is led by local physicians of the Great Falls Clinic. Physicians of the Great Falls Clinic have a personal interest in the day-to-day operations of the Hospital, and are dedicated to providing exceptional quality and patient-centered healthcare through teamwork and physician leadership. The Great Falls Clinic Hospital exists for the patient and we respect your right to choose where you receive your healthcare services!

The Great Falls Clinic Hospital Package – What’s Included

Great Falls Clinic Hospital has partnered with Great Falls Inn and local surgeons to develop an all inclusive package price for your surgical or medical procedure. While we know you’d prefer to receive your care closer to home, the Great Falls Clinic Hospital and the Great Falls Riverside Inn are committed to ensuring you feel right at home here in Great Falls! Contact us at 1-800-421-1649 for details.


As the cost of each procedure varies, please contact us at 1-800-421-1649 for a quote. Prepayment is required prior to the consult visit and prior to surgery.

Quoted price is a base price for the requested procedure, which includes the facility fee, physician’s professional fee, and anesthesiology fee, and hotel. The quoted price does not include the cost of procedures or supplies that arise out of complications. Patients will be required to undergo a preoperative medical clearance and/or consultation prior to the requested procedure. Patients must provide the facility with medical records and other required documentation prior to the date of service. Facility has the right to revoke quote and refuse service for any reason, including but not limited to: a) patient has misrepresented their health history, status, and/or severity of condition; b) patient fails to provide required documentation; and c) patient fails to obtain preoperative medical clearance.

Specialty Healthcare in Great Falls

  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Surgery
  • Imaging and Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Orthopedic Surgery, including Total Joint Replacement
  • Plastic Surgery

Out of Country Care

It is very important that you involve your family physician in Canada regarding your decision, as you may require followup care once you return to Canada . Your physician in Great Falls may need to provide followup care instructions to your family physician. If you are seeking out of country healthcare, you should speak with Alberta Health and Wellness before your first visit to Great Falls.

How Does Alberta Health and Wellness Fit In?

Do you have a question or a specialized need for healthcare that isn’t available in your area? Is so, it may be in your best interest to contact Alberta’s Out-of-Country Health Services Committee through Alberta Health and Wellness. Alberta Health and Wellness may contribute to health services you receive in Montana!

Alberta Health
Attention: Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
P.O. Box 1360, Station Main
Edmonton, AB T5J 2N3
780-427-1432 (Edmonton)
Toll-free in Alberta, dial 310-0000 then 780-427-1432.

For more information, log onto or visit here.



Scheduling Your Appointment

Scheduling an appointment is easy! Simply contact 1-800-421-1649! If you are in need of joint replacement, weight loss surgery, plastic surgery, or other areas of specialized care and do not want to wait excessive amounts of time to access care, contact the Great Falls Clinic. A consult appointment can usually be made within two weeks of your call. Because you may have to travel, your consult appointment will be held in Great Falls in the afternoon. During your consult appointment, the Surgeon will determine if you are a candidate for medical or surgical services. If you are a candidate and you wish to proceed, you may be scheduled for a variety of appointments for the next day. Scheduled appointments may be made for laboratory and x-ray studies , medical/dental clearance, and visits with physical therapy and patient education. After you receive medical clearance, you will be scheduled for your services at a future date that is convenient for you. Your contact at the Great Falls Clinic will take care of scheduling all your medical appointments, and will also book your hotel for a consult visit and for your upcoming surgery.

Exceptional Staff

The Great Falls Clinic Hospital is proud of its exceptional medical staff. Each of our surgeons is highly skilled at their specialty.

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Call us at 1-800-421-1649 or Email Us