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How You Can Help Us

To ensure timely care delivery, we ask that you always let us know in advance if you need to change or cancel an appointment. This will help the clinic run smoothly and on time.

We also ask that you…

  1. Identify and prioritize a list of what you want to talk to the physician about during your appointment.
  2. Bring a list of current medications and supplements showing the dosage that you take, or bring the bottles themselves.
  3. Bring logs of medical data (blood sugar, blood pressure) if applicable.
  4. Bring current insurance, personal identification and other provider information.
  5. Honor your medication contract.
  6. Follow appointment instructions (arriving on time, fasting before tests etc.)
  7. Follow your treatment plan and let us know if you are not able to stick to it.
  8. If we have not met your expectations, please let us know.

About Great Falls, Montana

Great Falls, Montana is located on the banks of the Missouri River and surrounded by three mountain ranges making it the ideal location for people from around the world seeking an enviable quality of life. Premium dry-powder skiing, world-class fly fishing and a family-focused community make Great Falls the perfect place to visit.

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Meet Our Providers

Jodi Violett, MD

Family Practice

Benjamin Keggi, DO

Family Practice

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    If you want to contact us about a medical concern or a prescription refill, the best way to do this is by phone 1-800-421-1649.