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Preparing for your visit to Great Falls Clinic is just a mouse click away.

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Emmi® Program
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Here at Great Falls Clinic, we believe that you, the patient, are the most important member of your health care team. That’s why we offer the Emmi programs.

Using voice, text and animation, these web-based programs will teach what steps you can take to prepare for your visit to the clinic. You can even share Emmi with friends or family members!

Getting started is easy!

It’s easy to get started, just register for your Emmi program by clicking on the image above.  You can view it as many times as you like. As you watch the program, you can also write notes and questions that you can print out and bring with you to the clinic.


Even more information is available.

Another website the Great Falls Clinic finds very useful is Web MD. This website offers a symptom checker, news and updates on health around the world as well as information for different types of health conditions.

Meet Our Providers

Andrea Withey, RDN

Diabetes / Nutrition Services

Russell Herring, DNP

Family Practice

Antonio Santin, MD, FACS


Plastic Surgery

Dustin Riddle, DPM, DC, MHA

Podiatry / Podiatric Surgery

    Have a question for us?

    If you want to contact us about a medical concern or a prescription refill, the best way to do this is by phone 1-800-421-1649.