Dr. Clough’s philosophy of practice has been to employ the best technology and tested procedures to achieve resolution of symptoms in his patients.  This involves doing a thorough exam on the foot and possibly prescribing an insole for the shoe, or in other situations a surgery may be recommended.  Having the latest diagnostic tools allows him to make the best choices for recommended treatment.  Surgery is always considered the last resort in any treatment recommendations if more conservative approaches may solve the problem.

Some patients have difficult-to-heal wounds, and Dr. Clough utilizes some of the latest technologies to facilitate early wound closure and avoid other complications.  Some of these new wound care modalities have shown extreme benefits in limb salvage.

Other patients require regular care to keep them free of devastating complications.  We gladly provide those services and consider that to be one of our important roles on the health care team.

Through the use of the most current technologies, and the experience of over 25 years of clinical practice, you can be assured that your treatment recommendations are well conceived and will give you the best chance of resolution of your foot problems.

Dr. Clough is also an inventor and currently has patents on foot care technologies, which he is working on marketing to a larger national market.  Go to the web site to view these patented technologies. Patent numbers: 6,170,176; 6,874,258; 6,938,363. These patents have given him invitations to lecture at large biomechanics meetings throughout North America. See for more information on Dr. Clough’s product line.

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