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To Our Patients,

As you may know, the Great Falls Clinic Hospital will open its new location on January 5, 2016. As our community prepares for the introduction of a second emergency department in 2016, we wanted to jointly educate the public on the steps that are being taken to plan for this transition.

Benefis Health System and Great Falls Clinic Hospital are both committed to providing safe patient care in our community. Because every second counts in emergency situations, we believe it is imperative that you have the knowledge to make informed decisions about where to receive your care.

Please know that our two emergency departments and hospitals have some differences in services and capabilities. As a result, Benefis, Great Falls Clinic Hospital, and Great Falls Emergency Services have collectively developed a process to make sure patients who call 911 are directed to the best facility to address their needs.

In the event of a probable heart attack, stroke or trauma, Great Falls Emergency Services will transport you to Benefis Emergency Department. Benefis is the designated trauma center in the community and is equipped to care for traumatic injuries and stroke patients. Because of the time sensitive nature of these conditions, it is important that you receive prompt diagnosis and treatment.

We recognize some patients may prefer receiving care at one facility versus the other. To help you determine the right location for your needs, both Benefis and Great Falls Clinic Hospital will list the services and capabilities of our respective facilities on our websites. Through our joint efforts, we will make every effort to respect your decision regarding where you receive care. In the event that your condition requires cardiac or intensive care, or a service/specialty not offered at the Great Falls Clinic Hospital, you may be transferred to Benefis. If a transfer is indicated, you may receive an additional charge for the transport.

Benefis and Great Falls Clinic Hospital will continue to collaborate on ways to improve our processes to ensure our community receives the safe care it deserves. Regardless of your ability to pay, both facilities will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you in your time of need.

Wishing you a safe and healthy New Year,

Dr. Gregory Tierney
Chief Medical Officer
Benefis Health System
Dr. Bob Maynard
Chair, Board of Directors
Great Falls Clinic Hospital

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