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The Decision

There may come a time when your knee or hip pain reduces the quality of your life. Everyday activities, such as walking, shopping, or housework can become difficult or unbearable. Taking part in favorite hobbies such as golf or bowling may be a thing of the past because conservative measures like diet, exercise and medications no longer provide pain relief. If this describes your situation, it may be time to consider joint replacement.

We are pleased when patients choose the Great Falls Clinic Orthopedic Destination Center. A patient’s decision to have elective joint replacement surgery is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Each year, more than 700,000 people make the decision to undergo joint replacement surgery. The surgery aims to relieve patient pain, restore independence, and return the patient to work and other daily activities.

The program is designed to return patients to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible. Most patients will be able to walk the first day after surgery, and more towards normal activity in six to twelve weeks.

The Orthopedic Destination Center has planned a comprehensive course of treatment. We believe that the patient plays a key role in promoting a successful recovery. Our goal is to involve the patient in the treatment process through each step of the program. Our Orthopedic Care Team will give each patient a Guidebook on the first day of the consult. This Guidebook will give every patient the necessary information to promote a more successful surgical outcome.

The Orthopedic Care Team includes physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists specializing in total joint care. Every detail, from peri-operative teaching to post-operative exercising, is considered and reviewed with the patient. The Orthopedic Care Team will plan each patient’s individual treatment -program and act as the patient’s guide.

Within our hospital, we have created a special area just to care for knee and hip replacement patients. No hospital gowns for this crowd – you get to wear your own clothes! And family members are encouraged to participate in group activities and other special events. New friendships are made, enhancing the healing process.

Our staff is hand-picked for their positive attitudes, motivational skills, and their desire to provide outstanding service. In addition, they have been specially trained to provide comprehensive clinical care for patients undergoing this important surgery.

The Orthopedic Care Team will be responsible for patient care needs from the surgeons’ office, to the hospital, and home. The Orthopedic Care Team will:

  • Obtain health records.
  • Review what each patient will need at home after surgery, including support if required.
  • Assess and plan for the patient’s specific care needs, such as anesthesia and medical clearance for surgery.
  • Coordinate the patient’s discharge plan to home or a facility with additional support.
  • Act as the patient’s advocate throughout the course of treatment from surgery to discharge.
  • Answer questions and coordinate the patient’s hospital care with other Orthopedic Care Team members.

We believe the key to better outcomes is a commitment to provide you with a thorough understanding and knowledge of what to expect during your surgical experience. Knowing what to expect each step of the way goes a long way to reducing stress and anxiety and preparing you for as smooth a recovery as possible.

Our Commitment to You: Excellence in Joint Replacement!

We are continuously evaluating and measuring our performance to help ensure we provide the highest quality program possible, tailored to each and every patient. Our team meets regularly with a focus on maintaining clinical and service excellence in all aspects of your joint replacement experience.

  • Dedicated nurses and therapists trained to work with joint patients
  • Casual clothes (no drafty gowns)
  • Private rooms
  • Emphasis on group activities
  • Newsletters to update you on your daily activities during your stay with us
  • Family and friends participating as "coaches" in the recovery process
  • An Orthopedic Care Team that coordinates all pre-operative care and discharge planning
  • A comprehensive patient guide for you to follow from six weeks before surgery until three months after surgery and beyond
  • Luncheons for former patients and coaches every other month
  • Educational displays answering the most frequently asked questions
  • Periodic publications and education seminars
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