Great Falls Clinic Announces New Patient Navigator Program

Gloria Duke

The Great Falls Clinic is pleased to announce the expansion of its oncology support services with the addition of a Patient Navigator Program. Gloria Duke, RN, is new to our team and has accepted the role of Nurse Navigator to launch our new Navigator Program.

Recognizing that the complexity of the health care system often leaves patients feeling confused, lost, or alienated, the Patient Navigator helps patients by guiding them through the various services involved and connecting them with appropriate resources and support.

The Program’s goals include improving patient satisfaction and enhancing access to cancer prevention, early detection, and treatment.

Vicki Newmiller, Practice Administrator for the Great Falls Clinic shares, “We are thrilled to add Gloria Duke to the Great Falls Clinic team. This role fills a large gap in providing comprehensive services for our patients that have complicated medical needs and diagnoses. This service will offer comforting assistance to patients that have anxiety as they navigate a complicated health system. Gloria Duke is an experienced Registered Nurse with extensive experience and a passion for coordinated patient care”.

Samantha Shinaberger, Professional Relations, Great Falls Clinic
Phone: 406.771.3107 E-mail:

Gloria Duke, Patient Navigator, Great Falls Clinic
Phone: 406-771-3103 E-mail:

CLICK HERE to view and download program flyer