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The Foot & Ankle Clinic practice is devoted to the health, comfort, and optimum functioning of your feet and ankles.

It is said that people sometimes carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. But more accurately, it’s your poor, beleaguered feet that should have gotten top billing. After all, even the biggest shoulders ultimately rely on the solid foundation of healthy feet and ankles to bear every load.

At Foot and Ankle Clinic of Montana, they show your feet the respect they deserve. Their entire practice is devoted to the health, comfort and optimum functioning of your feet and ankles. They do all they can to keep you moving toward your best lifestyle — daily activities, recreation, high-level athletic endeavors, or whatever you choose.

They provide comprehensive foot care services in a highly professional environment, and use both personal concern and the latest technologies to provide superior diagnoses and treatment plans. They even offer on-site physical therapy to ensure continuity of care throughout your treatment. Though they’re primarily focused on the lower extremities, they’re really in the business of caring for the whole you.

You see, any disruption of foot function can result in pain — not just to the foot itself, but also to ankles, knees, legs, back and even neck. With twenty-six individual bones in each foot and a complex interplay of muscles and tendons, it’s no wonder foot ailments affect the motion and balance of the rest of your body.

The Physical Therapy and Radiology departments are outpatient hospital departments of the Great Falls Clinic Hospital.
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Ronald Ray, DPM, FACFAS, PT

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