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Great Falls Clinic Announces Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Services

We are pleased to inform all Medicare patients that the Great Falls Clinic offers Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (MAWV). Here at the Great Falls Clinic, we believe the annual wellness visit is an excellent healthcare opportunity to extend your options for maintaining and maximizing good health. And the best part – the cost of an Annual Wellness Visit is completely covered by Medicare.

Blood-pressureSo, what is a MAWV? During your MAWV your physician’s nurse will review your medical history, identify disease risk factors such as smoking, hypertension and obesity; review your medications, compile a list of your current providers, perform preventative health screenings such as depression and falls risk assessments, and lastly, create a personalized prevention plan to keep you healthy. The results of this visit will be documented and shared with your primary care provider.

The emphasis of a MAWV is on screening and prevention, rather than detection and diagnosis. Medicare believes the MAWV will assist your provider in formulating a wellness and prevention plan for the next 5-10 years, which will help keep you healthier, longer.

As a patient, it is important to understand that the MAWV is not the same as a traditional complete hands-on physical examination. Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t cover an annual physical examination and a physical exam isn’t included in the MAWV.  The nurse who performs your exam will measure your height, weight, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. Medicare also discourages patients from discussing any medical problems or medication refills during the MAWV, as these items are most appropriately addressed by your primary care provider.  Questions about an acute or chronic illness, are best directed to your primary provider or pharmacist.

The providers at the Clinic believe Medicare patients will find the annual wellness visit to be an incredibly valuable medical benefit, one that focuses on your preventative care and wellness. The Great Falls Clinic looks forward to providing the MAWV service to you and encourage you to schedule your visit at your earliest convenience hope that you take advantage of this Medicare benefit.

If you are currently seeing a primary care provider at the Great Falls Clinic or wish to establish with one of our primary care providers, please call 406-268-3995. For more information, please contact our office at 406-268-3995 or visit

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In 1917, four visionary medical leaders opened a world-class comprehensive health care center, with an integrated team of specialists and a personal approach to wellness—far from an urban center. Today, the Clinic is Montana’s largest independent group of physicians, providing the greater Great Falls area with a vast range of health services: diverse specialty medical clinics, a warm and caring hospital, a new emergency room, urgent care clinics, family practice, vision services, and a surgical center.

As a leader in the Great Falls medical delivery system, the Great Falls Clinic works hard as a team of providers to institute positive change for our patients throughout Montana. Recruiting and retaining the most contemporary physicians and employees requires the latest in technology development. We must utilize these available technologies to meet the needs of an aging population and create more value for the patients we serve. The combination of physicians and employees working together to improve patient care is our commitment and can be defined as “Team Care.” This means striving to constantly perform better services and to create more value for the people we serve.

The Great Falls Clinic is committed to improving the health and wellness of our community by providing the best healthcare possible. To schedule an appointment with a primary care provider or specialist, please call 406.454.2171.


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