Telehealth Appointments

The Great Falls Clinic is pleased to announce that patients will now be able to have a telephone appointment with their provider.

Please contact us at 406-454-2171 to schedule your appointment or you may request an appointment using the patient portal. Please contact us to modify any future existing appointments. Some appointments are unavailable via telehealth, examples include radiology and laboratory. If you are not registered with the patient portal, please contact us at our portal hotline at 406-771-3031 or email us at

Patients can also access video Telehealth services through the MEDITECH Mobile App. Instructions for installing and using the MEDITECH Mobile App are available here:

Medicare and Medicaid will be covering this service the same as they would an in-person office visit. Many private insurers are also covering these services as well, however, we encourage all patients to check with their own insurance to determine whether a telephone appointment will be covered.

The Great Falls Clinic is committed to improving the health and wellness of our community by providing the best healthcare possible. To schedule an appointment with a primary care provider or specialist, please call 406.454.2171.